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Debra F

"I sing the praises of my physical therapist"


Robin M

"This was an incredible experience"

Beach Run

Kimberly C

"He was so knowledgeable and personable throughout my whole experience"


Dr. Joseph is extremely knowledgeable in his field. As a medical student, it has been a pleasure to work with someone who teaches and incorporates up-to-date research and techniques into his practice- Dr. Joseph actively teaches at my medical school and other health programs in the South Florida area. He has been helping me recover from an ACL reconstruction surgery. I have had this surgery twice previously, and worked with different physical therapists who don’t compare to Dr. Joseph! His regimen is calculated to achieve great results- my knee has never felt better. He also offers private sessions to work around jobs or other obligations. He is also very personable and kind to me at every one if our visits. I highly recommend going to him for any musculoskeletal recovery you may be experiencing.

Debra F 

"I suffered a ZOOM related injury from too many days of back to back ZOOM meetings. The constant sitting caused my Bursitis to flare up in my hip, can you say painful 😩😪!!! So I just participated in my first virtual Physical Therapy appointment and wow it was fantastic! As many of my friends and colleagues know, I sing the praises of my physical therapist, Roody Joseph PT, DPT, OCS, who helped me be pain free and stop limping. If in need I highly recommend using his services."

Kimberly C 

"I had chronic upper back/neck pain for years and I finally decided to see somebody about it. I work in the operating room and was beginning to be unable to operate for long periods of time due to the pain. Dr. Joseph had a video consultation with me (since it was during the COVID quarantine) and diagnosed and discussed my condition with me extensively and answered all questions that I had! He prescribed me a personalized at home exercise routine and within just a few weeks of following it my pain was essentially gone. He was so knowledgeable and personable throughout my whole experience. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I wish I had gone to him years ago!!! Thanks Dr. J!!!"

Robin M

"This was an incredible experience. My mother has been experiencing worsening shoulder pain for the past month, but has been too busy to research a qualified PT let alone drive to their office each week. Dr.Joseph is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and having him available via video call in the comfort of my own home was the perfect solution. He is patient, explains things in simple terms and gives you clear cut directions to follow. We are excited to see the continual progress! Thank you for the wonderful care Dr.Joseph!"

Thanaa E

"Dr. Jospeh provided me with an at home program to rehabilitate a nearly decade old knee injury. While on this program I’ve been able to strengthen the tendon in my knee and continue with my regular strength training program. Before working with Joseph I would have to take weeks off at a time every time my knee would flare up and now I just complete the stretches provided and voila, my knee is good again. I highly recommend Joseph’s services!! You will not be disappointed!"

Carmin O

"Thank you for your help Dr.Joseph. As an art teacher not being able to use my wrist or lift my arms to write or paint was very painful and difficult for me. You were very kind and patient during our consult. I'm so happy to finally have an answer to why I had so much pain and a treatment plan to improve without taking medications. God bless you and your work."

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